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me to use.jpg (515212 bytes) My love of writing began as a small, child. I used to tell  horror stories to my younger sister as far back as I can remember. My active imagination (demented if you were to ask my husband) has led me to a love of the unbelievable and the impossible, hence my ardor for science fiction, horror and fantasy.

Although I've been writing all of my life, I've only taken it seriously these past ten years. Up until the acceptance of my novel, Destiny's Door I've had a few short stories published. Now, I'm looking for an agent. Know any?


I'd really like to hear from you, so feel free to drop me an email at:


   I'd like to say thanks to my family and friends who believed and supported me. Most of all, I'd like to honor my beloved husband, Stan.

From the very beginning, when I first made the decision to pursue a writing career, he supported me. He was the one that wiped my tears when the rejection letters came, and he was the one that wouldn't let me give up up.

Stan passed away on April 11, 2000 leaving two beautiful daughters and a woman who misses him. I will continue writing, as I know he would want me too, and so, I dedicate this page, and my first novel, Destiny's Door to him. He will always be in my heart...


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